Who are 3d creations designed for?

3d models

Still an emerging sector, three-dimensional creation might at times be hard to grasp. From 3d modeling to animation, it is not always easy for novices to guess at first glance what is behind this sector and for whom it is designed. In recent years, 3d models have brought a new experience to many entities. It especially addresses those companies and studios that want to save time to perform their projects. From movie to advertising spots, many companies have adopted this solution to save both time and money. Consequently, they can present their project or brand at a lower cost. The sector also addresses a wide array of other professions (designer, graphic designer, printer, photographer, web designer, and so on). In some cases, 3d creations are used for pedagogical purposes, allowing the public to understand and grasp the different environments. Furthermore, thanks to 3d creations, we can closely observe objects in different scales. 3d models also help train students in the area of 3d computer graphics. The creation of a 3d model is not always simple and may at times be difficult to understand. With a large range of choices, entities can quickly choose a professional quality 3d creation at an unbeatable price.


How are 3d creations selected?

Panamonkey carefully selects the most appropriate 3d creations in order to maintain an attractive and professional library. The most talented artists offer their work on our official website, while our team organizes their distribution in a regular and accurate manner. Our studio highly values creativity and quality. We carry out a strict selection of 3d models – therefore, our team may at times refuse the sale of certain creations.


How are the 3d models presented on our website?

Panamonkey presents the creations in three distinct parts to promote ergonomics and customer understanding. The first part concerns the general presentation of the creation with its name, its price and its verified description, with an information text along with its technical description. The second part is a photo gallery which allows customers to view product quality. The third part is a 360° pre-visualization of the work in order to have a three-dimensional insight of the creation.


What are the software and formats allowed in the creation of the 3d models?

Panamonkey accepts any 3d software and all format for the creation of a work. However, the work should be provided in native format (.max, .c4d, .lwo, .lws, .ma, .mb, .hrc, .scn). One artist can propose as many formats as he/she wants, as we have no amount restrictions. Nevertheless, the artist should respect and suggest at least one of the formats listed above. The main software to be used for these formats are 3D Studio Max, Cinema 4D, Maya, LightWave 3D and Softimage.