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Welcome to the professional store of 3d models. All 3d models have a professional certification, for more information please take a tour or search on our catalog to buy 3d models.

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3d marketplace

Panamonkey was founded in 2016 to evolve the industry of 3d models. All 3d models are certified and checked by a professional team.

Our 3d library favors the quality rather than the quantity. If you are an artist and wish to sell your creations, please contact us.

3d models

Our store contains high quality 3d models. If you wish more information to create 3d models on our catalog, please read more.

3d texturing

The 3d models contain high resolution textures and materials are configured for rendering. Please read our requirements.

3d rendering

All 3d models have a realistic rendering and are configured to have the best quality. Please read our specifications.

3d animation

The 3d models are rigged and animated. Go to product page to see animation or see the technical information.

On our store the 3d models have a high level of exigency. All 3d models are automatically checked before being validated.

If you wish to sell 3d models on our market, your 3d models must be perfectly modeled and must respect our exigency. Only the faultless 3d models are accepted.

If the model represent a real-world object, it must accurately represent that object. Only quads and triangles are authorized and must be intelligently distributed for a good edge flow and a clean topology.

3d models

Our professional team always checks the quality of 3d modeling.

The quality of 3d models is essential for to be in our catalog. It's just a professional store.

Required 3d formats

We accept all format types for creation of your products but our catalog requires the native formats.

The 3d models must include at least one of the below file formats:

  • 3ds Max (.max)
  • Cinema 4D (.c4d)
  • LightWave (.lwo, .lws)
  • Maya (.ma, .mb)
  • Softimage (.hrc, .scn)

3d texturing

The 3d models must contain high quality textures and the materials must be correctly configured.

The ergonomy is very important for your 3d models. It's essential to rename your textures and materials because the customer must to work easily and more fastly.

At least one material must be applied to each object. The customer must be able to render 3d model after purchase and get high quality representation.

3d texturing


You can use all types of materials but remember to meet our requirements.


It's very important to use mapped textures for realistic rendering and you can use bump and normal map for more details.

A 3d model with mapped textures must meet these requirements:

  • No obvious texture stretching
  • Seams hidden in less visible areas
  • People must have unwrapped UVs
  • Animals must have unwrapped UVs

3d rendering

The rendering is an essential element for 3d models of quality. We are very demanding on this point and we always check the rendering settings.

When customers view our catalog, they must necessarily find what he searches. We must respect the exigency of the customers.

Use of contrast, shadow, and lighting are the major elements to make a realistic 3d scene or a product of quality. The configuration of these elements is always checked by our professional team.

3d rendering

Scanline, Raytracing or Radiosity.

You can use the scanline rendering but radiosity and raytracing are frequently used to achieve high levels of photorealism.

3d rendering engine

Many of rendering engine are very powerful.

We accept all rendering engines for our 3d products but we strongly recommend to use the below list.

  • Brazil r/s
  • FinalRender
  • Maxwell Render
  • Mental Ray
  • RenderMan
  • V-Ray

3d animation

The 3d animation is an important step to give life to your 3d model.

You can use different techniques of animation:

  • Character Studio
  • HumanIK
  • CAT (Character Animation Toolkit)

The use of motion capture can be a very good solution for a professional animation.

3d animation

The animation of your 3d models must meet a few important points.


  • Transforms must be frozen
  • Hierarchy objects must be named
  • Custom rig must include instructions


  • Animation must play smoothly
  • Animation designated as looping
  • No spikes in animation graph


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All 3d models are presented with preview images to give to the customers all the information which it needs. If you wish more information and details, please read more.


The 3d models are displayed with a turntable preview to show to the customers a 3d view. If you are an artist and that you wish to sell on our shop, please read more.


The rendering previews are required to present your product. It's important to see all details of the 3d models.

Our team doesn't approve products without the preview images and you must display high resolution previews. We always check the quality of preview images.

All previews must display the entire object. You must display multiple preview images to show all angles of your product.

3d images

The wire is important for show all details of the modeling and you can also display subdivisions previews.

Preview 3d models

You must respect our requirements for images preview.

  • Signature Image
  • Preview Image
  • Wireframe Image
  • Subdivision Image


The rendering turntable is required to present your product. It's essential to have a quick overview of the 3d models.

Our team doesn't approve 3d models without the turntable rendering because it's important for the customer to see the quality of model before purchasing.

We recommend 1000x563 for turntable images. This resolution gives the customer sufficient detail while still being low enough to load the sequence quickly.

3d turntable

Preview of the 360 Turntable

The preview must contain 72 frames and the rendering format must to be .jpg or .png

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Turntable requirements

The product turntable preview must respect the following attributes to achieve a high level result:

  • High level rendering
  • Show the entire product
  • Render resolution 1000x563
  • 72 frames long
  • Rendering format (.jpg or .png)
  • Equal degrees between each frame
  • Counter-clockwise direction rendering




sell 3d models

Our store uses high technologies for allow artists to create digital products. The sellers dashboard is simple and fast to use and the products creation is secure. For sell your 3d models you must to contact us for have a private dashboard.


When a customer buys a product on our store, Panamonkey pays 80% of sales at the end of every week. On your private dashboard, the sales are detailed so you can easily follow to evolution of your products. It's an easy dashboard and secure.