The professional 3d library

Panamonkey is one of the leading professional libraries available in the world and offers instant access to thousands of digital creations. 3d models and stunning animations are available to realize all your projects. Every day, an active community of international studios and talented artists add thousands of creations. Our library is expanding by the day and offers you a large choice. Each work is available from this library with its name and price. If you wish more information about this work, simply select it to go to a personalized and detailed page. The library also has a toolbar at the bottom of your page with several functions to search and filter works. To learn more about its functions, please read the following chapters.

3d library

The categories of our 3d library

Panamonkey is the first online 3d marketplace to present digital creations checked by a professional team. These works are displayed in thematic categories allowing companies and customers to quickly find what they need. Panamonkey contains ten main categories: animals, architecture, characters, equipment, fashion, gastronomy, landscape, object, science, transportation. These main categories have sub-categories in order to display the different creations in a specific theme. For example, the scientific category has the following sub-categories: anatomy, biology, botany, geology, physics.


The research function

So that you can always find the digital creation you need on our 3d library, Panamonkey provides you a research function. This feature is available on all categories at the bottom of your page. To find and filter works, just enter your keyword(s). To narrow your research results, it is also possible to filter results by price. The 3d models and animations will appear in a results page which will allow you to make a selection on the creations that correspond to your needs. An advanced search page and also made available to you, for example it allows to fix a maximum price and a minimum price in order to find the works that correspond to your budget.


The other functions

To refine your research, it is also possible to filter the results using the toolbar by selecting the "select filter" option. Many choices are possible, you can filter the results by position by displaying the works from the most recent to the oldest or vice versa. To filter the works by name or by price. You can also change the page using the pagination to display the following works. Generally, Panamonkey displays works in three columns of 8, with a result of 24 works per page.