The evolution of 3d technology

Three-dimensional digital technologies are transforming the world we live in. Undeniably, this sector has been growing for the past few years, offering us a bright future. Some sectors, including entertainment and show business, are always looking for new products and improvements. Whether in the form of 3d animation, video games, cinema or advertising, digital imaging is invading our everyday life.


The 3d marketplace

3d marketplace

Undergoing relentless development, the digital world is evolving by the day, and the easiest and most accessible way for artists to start making money is to sell their creations online using a specialized 3d marketplace. If artists are considering a transition to freelance work, this can be a great way to start building a customer base and reach a relevant level of online presence. Even if the objective is to enrich a creative portfolio in order to apply for in studio jobs, the exhibition and sale of digital works will give value to your creative potential in the eyes of your employers. It takes a lot of time, effort and creativity to build a status of notoriety, but some artists do end up making a living from their professions. Only some 3d markets in the world grant artists the possibility to sell their creations. In France, there’s Panamonkey, allowing the best artists to safely sell their 3d models since 2016.


Discover our professional 3d marketplace

Founded in 2016 in Paris, Panamonkey is a forerunner studio when it comes to the sale of 3d models in France. The studio's main objective is to bring together the best artists to satisfy an ever more demanding pool of customers. Helping digital artists to promote their work and give life to their passion forms part of our duty. With a modern and atypical design, the website comprises two essential sections: a public section and a private section. The public section allows the client to explore and discover the different works displayed in a professional 3d library, while the private section is reserved for customers and artists wishing to sell their creations.

The private area reserved for customers allows the management of personal information and the follow-up of orders. A system to download the works is also available upon purchase. The privative part reserved for artists mainly allows the creation of product descriptions to sell works via an administrative dashboard. The possibility to view and manage performed sales is, of course, also featured.

The various features available make up a genuinely versatile platform within easy reach for all our artists and customers. Both secure and using the latest technologies, our E-commerce platform supports the PayPal bank card payment method, guaranteeing the safety of your data. Currently a leader in the E-commerce industry, our platform’s capacity to secure transactions no longer requires demonstration.