The method for sell 3d models

sell 3d models

One of the most important criteria to start selling three-dimensional creation online consists of defining a smart and thought-out initial strategy. To help you generate regular sales, Panamonkey provides you with tips and expert advice in the field. To begin with, the best method is to focus on a specific theme, instead of taking all sorts of directions. As we say in France, ‘one must not put the cart before the horse’. If the majority of your works share a common theme, you are much more likely to stand out from the crowd. For instance, you can choose a theme like anatomy, and initially decide to focus on that subject. The right strategy being to keep the customer's mind focused on this theme, and to maintain a solid reputation in the field. The topic must be mastered in order to establish yourself as a leader in this niche. To sell 3d models, you must first be patient and thorough, if you respect our precious advice, selling 3d creations will no longer have any secrets for you.


Showcasing for sell 3d models

It's not always easy for an artist to sell digital creations on a 3d marketplace. In this chapter, Panamonkey directs you to a very important new point. If you want your works to stand out, it is paramount that they be well showcased for purposes of good presentation. Select your best visual displays to highlight your creation, and make a unique and detailed description of your work. The technical description is also very important for the customer. Take the necessary time to configure an appealing page, rendering the most photorealistic depictions. Panamonkey also adds 360°visualization, which is an asset to provide customers with an accurate view of your three-dimensional work.


Quality or Quantity?

Quality aside, an amateur’s first instinct is to obtain a significant amount of products – as quickly as possible – to generate even more sales. To avoid such an attitude and to keep a website’s professionalism intact, Panamonkey does not allow the automatic submission of works. Even if you have thousands of 3d models to sell, this method only runs the risk of selling no creations at all. Most clients who are willing to spend money use your creative works for professional or educational purposes. It is therefore useless to waste your time if your aim is to privilege quantity on our platform.